Here you will find a small excerpt of acknowledgments and reviews, which we have received in the last years by e-mail. We hope that it is a small decision-making aid for you and would be glad if you would also leave us a Feedback!



Mona from Saudi Arabia: I thank you with all my heart! You have saved my honor and thus my future. I hope that you can still help many women with your products ...

Balu from Indonesia: It really saved me a lot of trouble. I do not know what would have happened without your product. 1000 times thank you!

Nurcan from Turkey: I can really recommend it to all sisters. You do not need surgery with the products you can solve your problem the man does not notice! Thank you so much Ivirginal :-)

Asha from India:

I would like to thank you for the strong help you offer us women. It's an ingenious solution Thank you.

Saima from Pakistan: I think you saved my life !!! I can not my thank to you, strong enough. I will recommend you whenever I can!





Dear Virginiacare Team, I would like to thank you very much for your product and help!






You guys helped me a lot! Thank you!






What would I have done on your wedding day without your artificial hymen? You saved my life!






Beautiful that you are and blessed be the one who invented the product!






I was very afraid that it would not work, the product is the best thing that could happen to my future! Thank you Virginiacare






I thank you from the whole heart that you are there for us and I hope that you can help quite a lot with your product!






I do not know what would have happened if I had not had the artificial Hymen in my wedding night! Thanks a lot Virginiacare !!!






All my love goes to you! You saved my future and my honor!






I would like to give you a very big praise and can only recommend you! You have literally saved my life ......... many thanks!






I wish them all the best for the next year and hope that many more will help me in the future! 1000 times Thank you






Thanks to you, I was able to prevent a big problem with my family. I will be grateful to you all my life!






Thank you Thank you it has worked and I am happy again!






This was really the solution for me! I'm glad I did not make an opera! Thank you Virginiacare






Inshallah that you have! For our sisters all the best in the future, thanks to you!






It was very simple! Thank you






I am very happy again! My careless future I owe you!






It was like the first time I was a real virgin, I used your trilogy and it worked and worked exactly as you described it! Many thanks!






When I first tried the 1st it did not work so well, but in the wedding night it helped me well thank you for it!






Advanced and tightening gel have saved my wedding night! A million times thank you to you !!!






The trilogy from your assortment has worked in my wedding night as described! I can only say thank you !!!!!!!!






I have used the original and it has worked Thanks!






Thanks VirginiaCare, we have been able to convince!






Just thanks to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Unbelievable but true, it works, to all girls please do not make op, please publish Virginiacare !!! It works 100% I used it in my wedding night, the tightening gel and the Advanced, it helped me super! You should become more familiar, so you can help as many as possible! Thank you Thank you again!






Thank you it saved me the "ass"!






Thank you Virginiacare! Through your trilogy I can happily celebrate in the year 2014 with my new family !!!






Dear virginiacare, I would like to thank you very much for your help !!






You since a GREAT help for us concerned! Thanks to you






I am so happy that I have discovered you so soon. THANK YOU!!






Such a great help is definitely not necessary again in the life as they were for me! The greatest thanks to the world to you!






Without you, my family would have sent me to the desert. Thanks for your help!






For your help you could ask for much more..100 times thank you to your team!






Through your artificial hymen / hymen I could and also a friend of mine solve the problem in the wedding night! We would like to thank you very much!






If it had not been for you, I probably would not be here now! Thank you Virginiacare






Thank you to you it has all worked out perfectly to confirm my virginity in a wedding night!




Beysan from Amman:


Thank you for the great help with the artificial hymen and the tightening gel!






Thank you for saving me my honor with virginiacare!






Thanks to Virginiacare and a successful slide into the new year 2015! I wish all the girls you will find the problem because of the hymen!






Thank you for the carefree start into the new year thanks to her artificial hymen !!!






It was a really good decision to use your product in my wedding night, so I could convince my husband with the artificial blood traces of a virginity without making a hymen reconstruction! Praise and thanks to you !!!






I love you, thank you for their great big help !!!




Amel from Saudi Arabia:


Many Thanks





I am so happy about your offer! Thank you it worked quite well!






I used the Virginiacare original and everything went well! A heartfelt thank you!!!






Many Thanks! On which it will give you a long time for all who need this help!






Thank Virginiacare for your existence!






To all the girls who have the problem, use trilogy and the wedding night is saved! Thanks to you dear Virginiacare Team!






It could not have been better! Thank you






More than thank you, I can not say unfortunately!






I think with your products, one can abolish the hymen reconstruction! Many Thanks

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