We help you to confirm your virginity without HYMEN SURGERY, ARtificial Hymen Virginity Set...

Who we are

We are a company that specializing to helping confirm your virginity at the wedding night.


What we offer

We offer 2 speciality products developed in the research lab, which will help you to confirm your virginity, safe, simple and risk free.


To solve the problem, we have the Artificial Hymen and the Revitalize100 vaginal tightening gel.


Our Products are made in germany.  press releases!


We are internationally known to solve your problem, so you do not need medical restore your Hymen.

artificial hymen made in germany

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the application for artificial hymen repair Virginity kit

artificial hymen
virginiacare artificial hymen

The application of VirginiaCare Artificial Hymen and the Revitalize 100 Gel is very simple.

Revitalize100 Gel, should be applied 2 weeks before the desired moment, once daily in the outer vaginal area to achieve the best effect.


The Artificial Hymen should be apply around 2 hours before and no later than 30 minutes before sexual activity. You just do it finger deep into the vagina!


It is soft and not noticeable! Through the internal warmth and moisture in the vagina, dissolves the Hymen and emerges as a blood in sexual act.

Identic with real blood! 

Your Advantages Around restore hymen for bloodstains in wedding night


  • Easy, fast, safe & convenient.
  • No side effects.
  • Not toxic.
  • No surgery.
  • No pain.
  • No needles.
  • No anesthesia.
  • No medication.
  • No doctor's visits.
  • No expensive Hymen surgery!
  • Anonymous and simple solution!
  • Worldwide free shipping!
  • With real blood effect! 
  • 100% risk free!
free worldwide shipping virginiacare

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The VirginiaCare 1 + 1 includes 2 artificial hymen + 1 Tube 50 ml Revitalize100

With sterile insertion aid

Easy and cheap VirginiaCare 1 + 1 use both products to confirm virginity.

With both products, you have the opportunity to confirm your virginity for the desired moment, effective, easy and safe!


Content: 2x Artificial Hymen |  1x Tube Revitalize100 50ml   | 1x Sterile Tweezer as  an insertion aid

MDD: 12 month MDD: Gel after opening 12 months

Made in Germany

59,90 €

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VirginiaCare Artificial Hymen

2x Artificial Hymen with sterile insertion aid

The VirginiaCare hymen is a self-dissolving artificial hymen of cellulose with real blood effect confirming the virginity simple and carefree. The hymen achieved the result after a short time and should at the least 30 minutes , better 1 - 2 hour before sexual intercourse Vaginally introduced , thus its optimal effect can be achieved by the sexual act.


Content: 2 Pieces | 1x  Sterile Tweezer as an insertion aid

MDD: 12 month

Made in Germany

39,90 €

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  • 5 - 12 Days Shipping Time1


With the self-resolving Virginity Blood Capsules-Pills, you can confirm your virginity by appearing of blood traces. Insert the Capsule 2 hours before sexual intercourse.

Content: 2 Pieces | 1x  Sterile Tweezer as an insertion aid

MDD: 12 month

Made in Germany


35,90 €

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  • 5 - 12 Days Shipping Time1

Revitalize100 Vagina Tightening Gel

Revitalize100 - 50ml Tube

If used regularly, the skin becomes firmer in the vaginal area and the sex is more intense. Revitalize100 is a nutritious gel that has been specially developed for the sensitive skin for the genital area of women. The vagina feels soft and firm after application.


In addition, this unique gel provides a narrowing vaginal effect, which makes sex transmission more intense and the detection of virginity more effective.


How does the product work?

Apply a desired amount of gel around the vagina inlet and massage with circular movements. The pleasant light texture ensures that the gel can be easily distributed. The balanced composition contains several flower and plant extracts, including allantoin, calendula and aloe vera, hexenhasel extract and chamomilla extract. Thanks to the careful and regenerating properties of the active ingredients, the skin is softer and firmer. This gel has a pleasant smell and is absorbed quickly.


The advantages of Revitalize100:

  • Can be used as a lubricant
  • Tightens the vaginal entrance to the vagina entrance
  • Can be safely used with condoms
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • 100% quality - strong effect
  • Ideal for vaginal care after pregnancy
  • Intimate cosmetics

29,90 €

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